Use Yopmail to create Netflix and Fornite accounts

  1. But, what is Yopmail anyway?
  2. Using Yopmail to generate Netflix and Fortnite accounts easily

Creating an account to use almost any service online has become common these days, since we have to be logged in to take advantage of the platform and enter a valid email address, which in many cases is the personal and private account that is utilized to access such service in a hurry, without thinking about the effects and risks this might have for privacy, security or just comfort.

You see, when we provide our personal email address to a service in order to use it, certainly this will bring some situations to deal with almost immediately, such as SPAM or unauthorized email sending by the company we provide the email account to in first place, along with other possible risks as phishing, marketing campaigns, data user leaks and more.

That is why; the use of temporal email services has increased so much at present time as Yopmail, as the main tool that allows to create ephemeral accounts and be able to enjoy services online, as videogames and many more without having to give up actual personal email accounts, completely anonymously and avoiding dealing with 

Netflix and Fortnite are two great examples of services that are quite used these days, by millions of people that play the game and stream content off of the platform to their mobile devices and at home, obviously requiring an associated email account to work properly. So, the question is: is it possible to use Yopmail to create Netflix and Fortnite accounts? The answer is an absolute yes.

But, what is Yopmail anyway?

In details, Yopmail is a temporary email service that allows the user to create ephemeral or brief email accounts to use and receive messages in it, acting as a proper container that can be utilized as provisional email service in case of need.

In this way, users do not have to give their personal and private email addresses to anyone they do not want to and more importantly, provide it to those online service that require logging in to function.

With a temporary email account, there are many situations the users do not have to deal with as SPAM and marketing campaigns, along with other more delicate issues that involve privacy and security matters, for example phishing, data user leaks and more.

Among the benefits, Yopmail is a platform that allows creating a temporary account to receive messages that are deleted 8 days later, without requiring any type of registration, an inbox that is auto-generated and without any type of password whatsoever. With Yopmail is possible to contact other person anonymously and without compromising identity if that is the main purpose in first place.


Knowing all of the benefits and main concept of Yopmail as temporary email account generator, how such service behaves when it comes to popular platforms as Netflix and Fortnite, the most utilized streaming service and one of the most played videogames, respectively, it is a question that is worth answering.

Using Yopmail to generate Netflix and Fortnite accounts easily

Netflix is the most used streaming service in the world right now, with millions watching movies, documentaries and series on it every. Of course, in order to utilize Netflix there is the need to register with a proper and valid email address and password, apart from the fact that it is a paid platform.

On the other hand, Fortnite is a battle royale game that is definitely of the most preferred with no doubt, with millions of players who play online and face other contenders across the world, either using mobile devices, PCs or laptops. Not surprisingly, Fortnite is a game that demands to be logged in using an email address.

The thing is, in many cases users do not want to provide their personal and private email accounts that are related to work and other aspects to online services, such as Netflix, Fortnite and more to avoid Spam, unauthorized access, phishing and other risks.

This is where having a temporary email accounts comes quite handy, in order to receive activation codes and other information that we do not need to get on our actual personal and private email accounts. Here are the steps to have a temporary email container on Yopmail and then register on Netflix and Fortnite:

  • Using our preferred internet browser, open a new tab and enter the URL address
  • On the left side of the screen a main menu will appear, along with different options and a button that says “Check Inbox”. By clicking on it we will be redirected to the new inbox of the temporary email account, without any further step.
yop mail
  • On the inbox, to the top left you will be able to see the temporary email account, which in this case is and will be the one provided as address to be used on Netflix, Fortnite or any other online platform that requires this information to work. Copy and paste the generated account by Yopmail is going to be useful later
  • For those users that are going to take advantage of Yopmail by utilizing Netflix, the first step is to access and automatically the platform will ask for an email address if there is no one logged just yet. Enter the generated temporary email address on the "Email Address” bar and then click on “Get started”
  • As you can see, the email address generated by Yopmail is accepted just fine by the Netflix platform, taking to the next step in the registration.
  • In the case of Fortnite, there is also the possibility to log in on the game by previously register online on a PC or Laptop, and then access from the console or mobile device. To do this, open a tab on any internet browser and enter the URL
  • Then, click on “Sign in” as button located to the top right corner. 
  • Immediately, the platform will take you to a screen where with many options to log in or register. Choose the first one “Sign up with email”.
  • Complete the registration process and introduce the email address generated by the Yopmail platform and you should be good to go.

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